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Phil Shary


SolReSol: The Project – version 0.95


SolReSol: The Project is a free program that lets you translate music and colors into English and back using one of the first constructed languages – SolReSol.


Zen Stones 3D (2024, working title) – Android, PC

Zen stones are placed in Japanese rock gardens to represent various elements of life. The game features real-time physics, realistic visuals and immersive sounds. Relax and contemplate while building rock sculptures in Zen mode or defy Newton’s laws in Challenge mode.

Audiophilia (2025, working title) – PC, Mobile


The definitive solution to test and improve your hearing – includes numerous tests for your musical ear, blind and ABX tests for audiophiles to test the best equipment – audio compression tests, stereo soundstage tests, frequency range and more.


Futureball (TBA, working title) – PC, Mobile

A modern spiritual successor to Breakout / Arkanoid for PC and mobile devices, the most beautiful modern rendition of the classic game we all love.