Windows 8 Handheld Tablet PC Gaming List


This is a list of PC games playable on Dell Venue 8 Pro in the native mode – either with some tweaks or as-is. If you have any request for testing a particular game, let me know.

Be sure to watch the series of videos where I talk about different input methods and configs that optimize your handheld tablet PC gaming experience and showcase games that are playable on Windows 8 tablets.

Please keep in mind that these games are also playable on many other Windows 8 tablets with the specs similar to Dell Venue Pro 8 or higher, but have been tested by me only on that machine.



List of Games for Windows 8 Tablets, tested on Dell Venue Pro 8

Download (DOCX, 15KB)

Grades explained:

A+ = Absolutely playable with no loss of speed or quality in the native resolution

A =  Very Good framerate, a slightly lower resolution (e.g. 1024×768), some post-processing disabled (but no loss of detail or quality)

B = Good framerate after lowering some settings and resolution (800×600)

C = Barely Playable, the framerate is unacceptable even on the lowest settings, major compatibility issues occur

F = Unplayable – the game doesn’t start or crashes / freezes constantly


Some rules of thumb:

0) The best compatibility is demonstrated with games that were released in 2001 – 2007, earlier games sometimes have compatibility issues, games released later (2007-2012) are usually playable if scaled down a bit, more recent games (except for many indie titles) are mostly unplayable or run on the very lowest settings.

1) Even many most recent 2D games run great, provided that there are no compatibility issues.

2) The very popular Unreal Engine 3 usually requires you to lower the resolution to at least 800×600 and lower most settings as well – sometimes manually, using the engine config file.

3) LithTech games often have compatibility issues, which causes glitches and makes them unplayable, to be confirmed when more games are tested.